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Long Bed Milling Machine ENDURA® PRO LINEAR

The ENDURA® PRO LINEAR is a 5-axis gantry – Long bed milling machine, especially designed for high-performance cutting of aluminum and composites profile structure elements. Its monoblock machine bed construction ensures a uniform load distribution.

Long traverse paths in X, Y and Z and the application of a highly rigid fork milling head, enable an efficient 5-axes processing of large volume, spatially curved and twisted workpieces, e.g. stringer and other structural components from the aviation industry.

The highly rigid construction of the structural and feed drives components result in highest dynamics as well as excellent accuracy of positioning and repeatability in the entire machining area.

The milling process of  this 5-axis long bed profile milling machine is absolutely stable. Consequently, highest cutting rates up to 11.0 l/min are achieved with minimal wear of the milling cutting edge.

Features of the ENDURA® long bed milling machine:

  • Long-bed milling machine in Gantry construction
  • Inherently rigid machine table construction in monoblock design
  • Certified impact resistant vertical blinds
  • Optimal chip conveyance solution
  • Wear free, high dynamic linear motors and direct measuring systems in Y- and A-axis
  • Wear free, high dynamic torque motors and direct measuring systems in C- and A-axis

Enhance your ENDURA® long bed milling machine:

  • Automatic tool changing system
  • Minimum quantity spray dosing system
  • Tool measuring systems
  • Workpiece measuring systems
  • Chips and dust disposal systems
  • Safety systems for free accessibility
  • Video monitoring of machine interior
  • Various tool clamping applications
  • Intelligent workpiece clamping solutions
  • Online Service
  • and much more

Technical data of the ENDURA® long bed milling machine:

Traverse paths

X-axis: 6,000 - 60,000 mm
Y-axis: 1,600 / 2,400 / 3,500 mm
Z-axis: 1,100 / 1,500 mm

Feed rates

X-axis: 5 - 60,000 mm/min
Y-axis: 5 - 65,000 mm/min
Z-axis: 5 - 65,000 mm/min


up to 3.5 m/sec²

Positioning accuracy

X-axis:  0.030 mm
Y-axis:  0.020 mm

 0.015 mm


X-axis:  0.010 mm
Y-axis:  0.010 mm
Z-axis:  0.010 mm

  • Highly dynamic 5-axis machining of long workpieces
  • Range of materials: aluminium, CFRP/GFRP
  • Material removal rates up to 11.0 l/min
  • Flexible workpiece clamping systems
  • Traverse paths up to 60,000 x 3,500 x 1,500 mm

Technical data of milling heads
and high-frequency milling spindles

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Long-bed portal milling machine for the highly dynamic 5-axis machining of long workpieces.