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Plate Milling Machine ENDURA® 800

Highly dynamic and precise efficient milling machine in portal construction with two CNC controlled axis for rational machining of big sized aluminium plates of up to 3,000 mm x 6,000 mm.

Features, technique and equipment:

  • portal (stationary):
    pylons and Y-axis made of high-absorption hydropol concrete with steel core insert for taking up the Z-axis slide.
  • machine bed:
    the machine bed consists of a welded steel construction cast with special concrete, linear guides and a T-slot table. Max. table load approx. 10 to.
  • z-axis slide:
    designed as a low strain, annealed welded steel construction, hydraulic weight compensation, clamping unit for vibration damping, advance angle to prevent undercuts.

Axis drive technology:

air-cooled digital motors engage with the steering rack via  a pinion gear mechanism. The motors are designed as  gantry drives with master/slave.

Guiding of linear axes:

the linear axes are equipped with generously dimensioned, hardened and grinded, pre-tensioned, linear guide elements.

Working area enclosure, noise-insulating:

the working area is enclosed from all sides, open at the top, with doors at the front and back (at least 1 meter wide) with laminated glass windows.

Machine table features and technique:

the machine bed consists of a steel welded construction poured by special concrete. The machine table travels along the X-axis and consists of a high-absorption cast steel construction with T-slots for taking up the vacuum clamping plate (customer interface).

Milling tool:

fully machined and assembled consisting of:

  • 1 x basic structure (42CrMo4V) with max. possible tool-loading of
  • 16 x roughing inserts with PCD WSP
  • 4 x finishing inserts with PCD wiper insert
  • 4 x dummy inserts

Technical data of the ENDURA® Plate Milling Machine

Specifications with milling tool Ø 2,500 mm - 3,100 mm

cutting width: ae 1,000 mm - 3,000 mm
depth of cut: ap 0.1 - 1.5 mm
pitch: fz 0.5 mm
teeth distribution:   30°
speed: n max. 495
cutting speed: Vc max. 3,882 m


Continuously variable feed rates (depending on materials and tools)

X-axis: from 5 mm/min to ca. 5,000 mm/min
Z-axis: from 5 mm/min to ca. 5,000 mm/min

Rapid traverse

X-axis: 25 m/min
Z-axis: 5 m/min

Setting accuracy

0.01 mm

Maximum workpiece size

1,000 mm - 6,000 mm (X-axis, customised)
1,000 mm - 3,000 mm (Y-axis)
max. 210 mm (Z-axis, customised)
min. 5 mm (Z-axis)

Limit deviations and shape tolerances for the serrated panels (strip camber) must comply with DIN EN 487.

The aforementioned panels may only be machined in one working process and, after milling, achieve a

thickness tolerance of: 0.1 mm
levelness of: 0.1 mm/m
surface roughness Ra of: 0.25 μm - 0.40 μm

  • Gantry milling machine for large aluminium plates
  • Finish-machining in one milling process
  • Surface quality < 0.4 µm
  • Milling tool up to Ø 3,100 mm

Technical data of milling heads
and high-frequency milling spindles

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Surface milling machine for processing large format aluminum plates.