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Tool Milling Machine ENDURA® 7000LINEAR

The ENDURA® 7000LINEAR is an overhead tool milling machine, specially designed for the heavy-duty rough machining of solid and high-strength materials. It has a dimensionally stable and compact design. This not only means a large processing volume with a relatively small footprint, but also that the machine does not need to be placed on foundations.

This compact tool milling machine ENDURA® 7000LINEAR was specially developed for the tool and mould construction, for a highly productive roughing, semi-finishing and finishing application of the customary high-strength materials.

Due to its high-dynamic features, the machine is particularly suitable for the high-efficiency machining in the field of 2,5 D, that is to say, for processing ruled geometries, cutting contours, pockets, surfaces, drill holes, threads and spindle operations. In the field of 3D, the ENDURA® 7000LINEAR offers highest dynamics in its class, both in 3-axes as in 5-axes machining, from roughing to high precision processing with best surface results and an excellent dimensional accuracy.

 During the machine’s new development, our top priority was the well-known, FOOKE-typical aspect of “excellent quality of motion control, coupled with highest accuracy of the Tool Center Point”

The use of linear motors in specially designed machine structural elements enables the machine to be optimally controlled, minimises contouring errors and offers the highest line speeds. This gives rise to excellent motion dynamics, especially with inconstant geometric pathways.

The robust and weight-optimised design coupled with the use of vibration-damping casting materials in suitable structural components means that the vibrational excitations caused by the milling process and the directional-change-induced movements are vastly reduced/dampened.

Features, technique and equipment:

  • Highly dynamic GANTRY-high bed tool milling machine in compact construction; gantry moving in X-direction.
  • Design of the machine::
    machine bed (X-axis), travel beam (Z-axis) and cross slide made in solid casting; side walls and gantry (Y-axis) as steel-welded construction.
  • Assembly of machine without foundation:
    Due to the self-supporting machine bed, a standard industrial floor (reinforced with steel), approx. 300 mm thick, is sufficient for the assembly of the machine. A special foundation is not necessary. The machine is set up and aligned by means of fixations which are bolted down to the floor.
  • Drive technology of linear axes:
    Water-cooled linear motors in the linear axes (X, Y and Z), X-axis carried out as GANTRY-pair of axes.
  • Direct measuring systems:
    All linear and round axes are equipped with direct measuring systems.
  • Weight compensation Z-axis:
    The drive of the Z-axis is supported by one highly dynamic pneumatic cylinder.
  • Safety system of linear axes:
    The linear axes are equipped with a safety system which slows the axes down and steadies them in case of power loss.
  • Guiding of linear axes:
    The linear axes are equipped with hardened and ground, pretensioned backlash-free roller guide elements.

Features of the ENDURA® 7000LINEAR

  • Naturally rigid compact machine with enclosed machine bed.
  • Resistant, highly dynamic linear motors in all linear axes (X,Y and Z) and torque motors in the rotary axes (C and A).
  • Direct measuring systems in all axes (X,Y,Z,C and A).
  • Safety systems and brakes in all linear axes (X, Y and Z).
  • Drive units efficiently protected by bellows.

Enhance your ENDURA® 7000LINEAR

  • Automatic tool changer
  • Minimum quantity spray dosing system
  • Cooling system (wet operation)
  • Workpiece measuring systems
  • Tool measuring systems
  • Chips and dust disposal systems
  • Emulsion mist suction unit
  • Plane cover/Sound insulation enclosure
  • Online service
  • and much more

Technical data of the ENDURA® 7000LINEAR

Traverse paths

X-axis: 3,000 / 4,500 / 6,000 mm
Y-axis: 3,500 / 4,000 / 4,500 mm
Z-axis: 1,500  mm

Continuously variable feed rates

X-axis: 5 - 65,000 mm/min
Y-axis: 5 - 65,000 mm/min
Z-axis: 5 - 65,000 mm/min

Rapid traverse

X-axis: 65 m/min
Y-axis: 65 m/min
Z-axis: 65 m/min


up to 3 m/sec²

Positioning accuracy

X-axis:  0.015 mm
Y-axis:  0.015 mm

 0.015 mm


X-axis:  0.010 mm
Y-axis:  0.010 mm
Z-axis:  0.010 mm

  • High-performance machining of high strength materials
  • Large machining chamber, small installation area, can be set up without additonal foundations
  • Thermo-Symmetric Design
  • Range of materials: steel, cast iron and aluminium
  • Direct drive motors in all axes (linear and torque motors)
  • Traverse paths up to 6,000 x 4,500 x 1,500 mm

Technical data of milling heads
and high-frequency milling spindles

Product questions?

E7000 at youtube


For the high-performance machining of high strength materials.