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FS Rotation

Spindle service

FOOKE milling machines embody over 25 years of engineering knowhow and experience on which many customers from air, space, railway and automotive industries or from prototyping and toolmaking have come to depend. Expertise from one source – that’s the motto that the spindle service lives by as it repairs, maintains, tests and gets to know what makes every milling machine tick. Preventive spindle maintenance in the form of regular checks and inspections are the cornerstone for long machine runtimes and minimum stoppage.

The spindle service will check everything in a number of maintenance steps: cooling circuit, true running, bearings, feeding forces, clamp and release forces, power consumption, encoder function and tool interfaces. To ensure the quality of high-frequency milling spindles, FOOKE boasts a state-of-the-art spindle test stand.

Spindle store

The FOOKE spindle store contains spare milling spindles that are stored individually for each customer in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and serviced at regular intervals. As such, spindles will always be available in an emergency and can be dispatched without delay. Spindles can be fitted by FOOKE personnel or sent by express mail or courier, as chosen by the customer.

Spindle sales

Our highly qualified service team is also knowledgeable about other machine manufacturers. As part of our all-round one-stop solution, we can replace milling spindles or store other motors. Having marketed milling spindles over many years, we are always gaining new and valuable insights based on customer feedback, thus helping us to continually improve our service offering.

Customer benefits from one source

Rapid response times, high machine uptime and reduced storage costs coupled with professional support make for a decisive competitive advantage. Furthermore, use of an ultra-modern testing centre increases production reliability.

  • Spindle service
  • Spindle store
  • Spindle sales
  • Customer benefits from one source

FOOKE - spindle serviceFOOKE - spindle service