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FS Machines

Trustworthy – machine appraisal

When selling a business, shifting production or claiming on insurance, an unbiased expert opinion of a machine’s worth is called for. Machine value is outlined in a trustworthy appraisal that reflects FOOKE’s longstanding market presence, making it a basis for planning. Companies have come to value this market assessment ‘from the horse’s mouth.’

As good as new – general overhaul

A general overhaul and modernisation of a complex production machine is a highly demanding technical challenge that should be undertaken by specialists. The FS Machines team comprises experienced staff who bring both technical knowhow and lengthy experience. Only they are the ones capable of overhauling a machine so that it performs even better than ever.

Forward looking – retrofitting

Those who invest in regular maintenance can often put off overhauling machines for years. It’s commonly the case that only particular components will need updating, such as tool changers, milling heads, measuring systems or the machine control. FS Machines will equally be glad to provide in-depth advice on the options for converting existing systems and retrofitting new functions.

Demand driven – machinery sales

When setting up new production facilities or if an interim solution is required, starting production with a second-hand machine is in some instances the best and most prudent alternative. FS Machines sells used machines and equipment for the metal, wood and plastics industry, among others. FOOKE customers can choose machinery for any purpose – from robust, early machine builds to extremely recent models, either made by FOOKE or other manufacturers. So that customers can make a well-informed decision without misgivings, all used machines are presented transparently with comprehensive technical information, meaningful, up-to-date photos and often with videos. Wherever possible, efforts are made to assess the machine while still in production. Market prices, extremely quick delivery and professional service for disassembly, transportation and reassembly make FOOKE’s retail service an attractive alternative.

Focussed on the detail – machine relocation

The decision to use FOOKE’s professional relocation service is one that will quickly pay off. For preparing a highly complex production machine is a demanding task which, if it goes wrong, can result in delays in restarting production or inadequate output. FOOKE’s service team has the special skills needed for the job. Knowing what to do at any given moment when handling valuable machines ensures the system runs just like it did before the move.

  • Trustworthy - machine appraisal
  • As good as new - general overhaul
  • Forward looking - retrofitting
  • Demand driven - machinery sales
  • Focussed on the detail - machine relocation

FOOKE - machine appraisal

Zukunftsorientiert - Retrofitting