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FS Geometry

Measuring and aligning

The output of a FOOKE machine is only ever as good as its alignment. That’s why it’s essential to know how well adjusted your machine is in every respect. Unnecessary wear to machines, equipment and workpieces beyond their tolerances resulting from improper alignment is not only frustrating; it can also have extremely costly side effects. FOOKE’s Geometry service specialises in high-precision measurement and optimum alignment.

Best equipment

Trained FOOKE engineers will visit the customer’s premises and investigate using high-precision measuring instruments if the quality of products leaving the machine is off target. Straightness, angularity and positioning accuracy are calculated and the results form the basis for a precise realignment of the machine. Customers who rely on this service can safely rule out nuances in machine geometry as causing wastage and therefore adding to production costs.

Recorded accuracy

It goes without saying that all measuring results are carefully logged. This means that any deviations can be analysed in detail before deciding on what action to take.

  • Measuring and aligning
  • Best equipment
  • Recorded accuracy

FOOKE - measuring and aligning