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The linear motor feed drive enables a far more uniform feed motion.

When using a machine with linear motor drives, the deviations between the programmed target speed and the actual speed are far lower than with conventionally driven machines. This results in a far better surface quality and far greater precision.

The direct drive in the feed axes (linear motors X, Y and Z and torque motors A and C) counters disruptive influences such as process forces and inertia changes to the machine kinematics more quickly, making it possible to optimally adhere to the programmed setpoints such as the feed speed, acceleration and jerk.

With its core competency ‘quality of motion control’, FOOKE is a specialist in custom engineering and designs tailored to specific machining tasks. We create a detailed simulation of your machining and milling process in order to customize the design of your machine system to this. To this end, we have an application centre for test milling and empirical verification. Put us to the test.