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Research and Development


Here at FOOKE, we have always believed in the importance of research and development. Innovations that enable us to outstand our competitors form the core of our work. We develop complex, hightech products, globally regarded as technology drivers in the machine tool sector. Our decades of experience in machine-tool-related research and development enable us to offer competitive advantages to our customers worldwide. We aim to use our development activities to further increase our products’ added value for our customers.

The aim of our research and development has always been and will always be to develop pioneering products that conserve resources. We will continue to raise the bar with regard to the energy efficiency of machine tools.

The quality of motion control and the interaction between the tool and the workpiece at the tool centre point will always be a primary focus of our research and development activities.

An optimally designed machine structure thanks to FEM and the incorporation of high-performance machine components, such as non-contact linear motors, ensure excellent quality of motion control and an extremely stable process.

Special requirements and procedures demand special solutions.

We work in close cooperation with our customers to develop product and process-specific machines and systems. Following an in-depth analysis of your machining task, we will propose productive, cost-effective solutions and present potential alternatives. Considering the latest researches and engineering methods, we identify the system-related target setpoints:

  • Rigidity
  • Attenuation
  • Dynamics
  • Precision
  • Process reliability

The design of all machine components and the holistic simulation ensure that these setpoints are all met. Our many years of experience and expertise form the basis for the theoretical representation of reality. This enables us to reliably determine a system’s performance and productivity in advance.