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Do you want to know how a milling machine works? You're a real #TechFreak, #DeskHero, #ManOfSteel or are you into #HighVoltage? We might be a perfect match. FOOKE is the market leader for 5-axis portal milling machines. What it means? It means that we support many large companies in the development and manufacture of their products.

With us, you can expect a versatile and qualified apprenticeship that is challenging yet fun, that is focused on tomorrow's technology, that gives you responsibility early on and requires you to act independently. With motivation, commitment and team spirit, you will ensure your professional future with a training in our company.




Precision Mechanic
Mechanical Engineering (Training 2022)

Electronics Technician
Automation Technology (Training 2022)


Industrial Clerk (Training 2022)


Technical Product Designer (Training 2022)


Secondary school certificate (Hauptschulabschluss)

Technical secondary school entrance level (Fachoberschulreife)


 Advanced technical college entrance level (Fachhochschulreife)


Technical secondary school entrance level (Fachoberschulreife)


Ralf Veltmann

Jürgen Schlüter


Doris Stegger-Slawski


Maria Dreyer

Precision Mechanic (m-f-d)


PROFILE: Hard as steel!

Precision Mechanics are men of steel – still kind and sensitive. When I decided to apply for an apprenticeship at FOOKE, my skills matched the profile:

  • Interest in metalworking
  • Enthusiasm for precision
  • Technical understanding
  • Enjoy craft activities
  • Like working in a team
  • Good spatial perception


TASKS: High-precision!

I had no idea, how many parts an ENDURA® is built of. Today I know the answer – and I can even make some of them myself! That’s exactly what I do: As a precision mechanic, my job is to produce precise components. From the planning of the individual working steps, to the assembly of entire modules or a whole machine based on assembly drawings. But the coolest part is to build yourself the components on CNC machine tools – accurate to the micrometer!

My activities are diverse: e.g. machine bed welding, programming of CNC-controlled milling machines and component machining, turning, milling.

JOB: Quality craftsmanship!

The combination of manual tasks and modern technologies is what I like the most about the job as precision mechanic:

  • Programming CNC-controlled machine tools
  • Producing individual parts of steel and other metallic materials
  • Manufacturing plastic components
  • Turning, milling, drilling and grinding
  • Manual production of components and workpieces
  • Final function checks and optimizations


Do you want an interesting job? All we need is the basic school graduation with qualification (Hauptschulabschluss mit Qualifikation). After only 3,5 years of dual training at FOOKE and the professional school, you can proudly call yourself “Precision Mechanic”. You can even deepen the training in the field of mechanical engineering – and become a real specialist. After the apprenticeship continue your education to become mechanical engineering technician or mechanical engineering master.


Sounds good? What are you waiting for?

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Electronics Technician (m-f-d)


PROFILE: Powerful!

I’m always deeply relaxed when facing high tension. That’s why there was only this one profession for me: Electronics Technician in the field of automation technology. There were some basic requirements at the beginning – and pretty soon my dream job was within reach:

  • Interest in electronics, maths and physics
  • Open interaction with people
  • Enjoy technical works
  • Like drawing
  • Enjoy working on the PC


TASKS: Electrifying!

It’s fascinating! An electronics technician for automation technology is not a string-puller but a real specialist. Every day I emerge in a world of computer controlled automatic machining systems, machine tools and building technology installations.

Here at FOOKE I can contribute new ideas: starting with the first draft to the implementation. Electronics technicians build and optimize whole systems, machines and installations - from the first test run to the safe operation condition. Including error documentation, analysis procedure, and troubleshooting. Often in English.


JOB: Fascinating!

In these areas nobody can beat us, because this is what distinguishes electronic engineers:

  • Planning systems, installing, programming and testing
  • Analyzing functional correlations
  • Configuring sensors, electronical controls and machine components
  • Setup software, networks, bus systems and machine components
  • Troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Check electrical protection measures and safety equipment
  • Customer support including maintenance and repair of electronic devices



After only 3.5 years of dual vocational training at FOOKE, I could call myself an electronic technician – to a fair salary and other advantages.


Can’t wait for it? It would be great if you had an intermediate educational level (Fachhochschulreife). Are you in?

Next vacant apprenticeship in 2022

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Industrial Clerk (m-f-d)


PROFILE: Allrounder!

Industrial clerks are beyond desk heroes. That’s why I choose this apprenticeship, where I can make a difference from my desk. These were the most important skills required:

  • Interest in numbers and trade
  • Enjoy working on the PC
  • Organizational talent
  • Enjoy teamwork
  • Passion for language


TASKS: Responsible!

No trace of boredom. As an apprentice to become an industrial clerk at FOOKE, I have turned in to a real allrounder. I got an unobstructed view of all tasks you need to deal with in an international company. In all areas: from commercial economic works to accounting, from purchase to sales and even marketing or human resources. I either perform the assignments or control the results.

JOB: Diversified!

As an industrial clerk you deal with something every day - and that’s what I love about it:

  • Contact with customers and suppliers
  • Compare product offerings
  • Compare product offerings
  • Purchase of raw materials
  • Operational scheduling
  • Negotiations of prices and delivery terms
  • Examination of products or services
  • Preparation of order papers for deliveries of goods


What’s good is that, due to the dual vocational training, the apprenticeship for industrial clerks can be reduced to two years.


You should have at least an advanced technical college certificate (Fachhochschulreife) – Then you can start of!

Next vacant apprenticeship in 2022

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Technical Product Designer (m-f-d)


PROFILE: Construktive!

I was a technology freak since I can remember.  I started looking for an apprenticeship, that could for a fulfil this preference and found it pretty soon: Technical product designer. That’s where I can apply my personal strengths:

  • I’m interested in technical contexts
  • My spatial imagination is pretty good
  • I'm good at drawing and designing
  • I like maths and physics
  • Thorough and precise work on the PC
  • Enjoy teamwork


TASKS: High-precision!

For machine and installations to work smoothly, construction and design must de perfect. As a technical product designer that is my responsibility: I design and plan products with modern 3D-CAD programs. My focus lies on the optimal realization without loosing sight of the details – e.g. materials, production technologies, costs and technical requirements.


JOB: Engineered!

I like working accurately – and that’s what I can live out as a technical product designer at FOOKE:

  • Designing and drawing components according to the specifications of engineer
  • Preparing manufacturable layouts, parts lists and assembly plans
  • Registering all details, such as perspectives, standard regulations, dimensions, tolerances, material and surface details



You like technology and modelling on the PC? In that case this you’re your chance for your dream job! We always orient towards tomorrows technologies - and experience engineers will mentor you. If you have an intermediate degree, you’re off to go!

A special feature at FOOKE: during your training you will visit various departments of our production process for about a year and gain valuable practical experience. You will then graduate after 3.5 years. Depending on your qualifications and performance, this can even be shortened to three years. Sounds good? Then it's up to you now!

Next vacant apprenticeship in 2022

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The training year for all apprenticeships starts on August 1.

And what's more, FOOKE has many other benefits for you:

Family business with traditon and great working atmosphere

37-hours week, on Fridays the weekend starts at noon

great workplace with most modern work equipment

internal coaching and advanced training programs

special tours for all FOOKE trainees to enhance team building

Events like barbecues, Christmas parties, bike rallies and other sports events.

How to do it right

Recommendations for your application

Your application should have the following contents:

Short letter explaining why you are applying to FOOKE and stating your starting date.

Brief CV with complete contact details and chronologically complete documentation of your education, where applicable vocational and advanced training as well as your hobbies/interests and social commitment. A short list of your professional and personal strengths would also be an advantage.


Copies of your most recent school and internship reports, as well as copies of relevant vocational and advanced training seminars.


Get to know us during an internship and see for yourself.

Student internship

We offer internships in the field of technical product designers, industrial clerks, precision mechanics and electronics technicians

Do you find it interesting? Then please contact us indicating your data:

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  • Date of birth
  • e-mail
  • Address
  • Why do you want to do an internship with us?
  • Which school and class are you currently attending?
  • Duration of the internship in days / weeks
  • When should your internship take place:
  • In which subject area are you interested?

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