AWM Arnstädter Werkzeug- und Maschinenbau AG invests in innovative milling technology from FOOKE

Compact Gantry Milling Machines are the trend


We have now further developed our proven ENDURA® 900LINEAR series into a new compact range, especially designed to meet the needs of tool and mold making. This series of milling machines features highly productive roughing, semi-finishing and finishing applications in all standard materials used in the industry. Its exceptionally rigid, compact design translates into a large cutting volume at relatively small footprint at the one hand and an extremely solid machine bed allowing an installation on a common industrial floor, on the other hand. A special foundation is generally not required.

This argument also convinced our new customer AWM, Arnstädter Werkzeug- und Maschinenbau AG. The first portal milling machine of the new series from FOOKE has been in operation at AWM AG since autumn 2019. This is also a premiere for AWM: The company is venturing new territory and can now handle tool weights of up to 20 tons.