Gantry Milling Machine ENDURA® 300LINEAR

The ENDURA® 300LINEAR is a 5-axis gantry milling machine, especially designed for the requirements of companies in the model and prototype, as well as tool and mould construction industries at the forefront, the ENDURA® 300LINEAR provides optimal chip removal from aluminum alloys and plastics including the HSC-processing of cast and steels.  Its monoblock machine bed construction ensures a uniform load distribution.

Thanks to the self-supporting monoblock machine bed construction and accompanying even load distribution, no additional foundation is necessary. A conventional factory floor is more than adequate. 

Optimal accessibility warrants simple machine set-up, also for dual-location facilities.

FOOKE’s ENDURA® 300LINEAR underlines the firm’s reputation as specialist in technologically sophisticated, efficient and highly economical gantry milling machines.

Features of the ENDURA® gantry milling machine:

  • Fixed machine table with traversing overhead gantry in X-direction.
  • Closed mounting table with T-grooves.
  • Wear-free, highly dynamic linear motors in the linear axes Y and Z.
  • Direct measuring system in all linear and rotary axes.
  • Safeguard systems and brakes in all axes.
  • Drive units consistently protected.

Enhance your ENDURA® gantry milling machine:

  • Automatic tool changing system
  • Minimum quantity spray dosing system
  • Tool measuring systems
  • Workpiece measuring systems
  • Chips and dust disposal systems
  • Safety systems for free accessibility
  • Video monitoring of machine interior
  • Various tool clamping applications
  • Intelligent workpiece clamping solutions
  • Online Service
  • and much more

Technical data of the ENDURA® gantry milling machine:

Traverse paths

X-axis: 3,000 - 7,000 mm
Y-axis: 2,800 / 3,500 mm
Z-axis: 1,200 / 1,500 mm

Feed rates

X-axis: 5 - 40,000 mm/min
Y-axis: 5 - 65,000 mm/min
Z-axis: 5 - 65,000 mm/min


up to 3.5 m/sec²

Positioning accuracy

X-axis:  0.030 mm
Y-axis:  0.020 mm

 0.020 mm


X-axis:  0.015 mm
Y-axis:  0.010 mm
Z-axis:  0.010 mm

  • Large machining area at small footprint
  • Self-supporting machine bed construction in monoblock design.
  • Can be set up without special foundation.
  • Ergonomical to load with optimal accessibility.
  • Range of materials: Plastics and composite, modeling board material, aluminium, cast, steel.
  • Traverse paths up to 7,000 x 3,500 x 1,500 mm

Technical data of milling heads
and high-frequency milling spindles

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